What parents say

Elizabeth Radcliffe Sam Bishop Birth centre review landscape

Lizzie Radcliffe and Sam Bishop reflect on the excellent experience they had in July 2023 when their son was born at Lewisham Birth Centre:

Thank you for giving us an excellent and safe birth experience. From when we first phoned early Sunday morning to when we arrived at the birth centre, we felt our journey was well managed and under control. We were guided to come in at an appropriate time and were swiftly assessed. The centre felt like a private clinic and our dedicated midwife team enhanced that feeling. Our room was comfortable, relaxing and quiet with minimal comings and goings – very conducive to mum’s comfort. It was also wonderful to have a birth pool.

As the birth progressed we were managed very well, never feeling rushed, so that labour could progress in a safe and natural manner.

The midwives monitored mum closely, accepting in other members of the team when needed with minimal fuss. Various techniques and positions were employed effectively to encourage birth. The professionalism and skill of the midwives was a marvel to see in what must be a highly charged atmosphere. Despite a shoulder becoming stuck and an alarm being pressed, which mum didn’t even notice, the birth happened without a glitch, even needing no stitches and with only a couple of paracetamol.

We would certainly recommend the Birth Centre.  All in all it was a fantastic experience.