Virtual tours

Below you will find virtual tours of our maternity services at Queen Elizabeth Hospital and University Hospital Lewisham.

Maternity Services at Queen Elizabeth Hospital

The video below gives an overview of maternity services at Queen Elizabeth Hospital:


Maternity Services at University Hospital Lewisham

The video below gives an overview of maternity services at University Hospital Lewisham: 


The Anderson Delivery Suite 

The Anderson Delivery Suite is located on the 3rd floor, Green Zone at University Hospital Lewisham. In our 11 labour rooms, we provide maternity care for people who have had uncomplicated pregnancies as well as specialist care for people with more complex pregnancies. 


The Antenatal Ward

The Antenatal Ward at University Hospital Lewisham is on the 5th floor, Green Zone and has two shared bays (four beds in each) and our side rooms. We will care for you on our Antenatal Ward if you are having an induction of labour, or if you need any overnight assessment. 


Mat 5

Mat 5 is our postnatal ward and is located on 5th floor, Green Zone. Most beds in this ward are shared bays, but there are also some single side rooms are also available at a cost of £175 a night. Availability cannot be gauranteed and side rooms are allocated according to medical needs. We will care for you in our postnatal ward until you and your baby are ready to go home. 


The Lewisham Birth Centre

The Birth Centre at University Hospital Lewisham is on the ground floor of the Women's and Children's wing, Pink Zone. It is staffed by midwives and support workers and is suitable if you don’t have medical problems and are experiencing an uncomplicated pregnancy. The facility opened in May 2010 and has been named as one of three beacon sites for midwife-led birthing units in the UK.