Where to have my baby

Smiling mother and baby

Where to have my Baby

At your first appointment and towards the end of your pregnancy the midwife will discuss where you would like to have your baby.

There are three birth settings that you can choose from, these are

It is usual for women who have a straight forward pregnancy to give birth at home or in the Birth Centre.

If your pregnancy is not straight forward you may be advised to give birth in the Hospital Delivery Suite.

Click the link below to view the place of birth decision tree which gives the pros and cons for each of the three birth settings.

If you're not sure about where you would like to give birth, have a look at our place of birth decision tree - your midwife will also discuss your options with you:

Place of birth decision tree >>

Place of birth poster>>

You can see a video from Bexley Maternity Voices here. One mum describes the birth centre at Queen Elizabeth Hospital as being like a 5 star hotel and that she didnt want to go home!

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