Greenwich Birth Centre

Greenwich birth centre

The Birth Centre at Queen Elizabeth Hospital is staffed entirely by midwives who specialise in assisting with natural labour and birth. The centre provides a comfortable and caring environment for people who have had a straightforward pregnancy and who don’t have medical conditions that might affect the pregnancy or birth to have their baby.

At the Greenwich Birth Centre, we want your baby's birth to be as natural and stress-free as possible. Our experienced midwives receive excellent training and are committed to ensuring you and your baby are kept comfortable and safe.

The Birth Centre’s four birthing rooms has the privacy of an en suite bathroom and their own fixed luxury birthing pools. Each room has a double bed and flat screen TV, and natural birthing aids such as a birthing stool, a sling and a birthing ball. There are also five private en suite postnatal rooms if you need or  choose to stay overnight in the Birth Centre after giving birth.


Who can use the Birth Centre?

Pregnant women and birthing people who have had a straightforward pregnancy with no medical problems and/or no problems in a previous pregnancy or labour can use the Birth Centre.

We welcome women and birthing people from across Lewisham and the surrounding London boroughs, including Bexley, Bromley, Greenwich, Lambeth and Southwark. We are also very happy to support and care for you if you live in other parts of London and Kent.


Where is the birth centre?

The Birth Centre is on the first floor in the Maternity department at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Stadium Road, London SE18 4QH.


How can you book the Birth Centre?

If you would like to have your baby in the Birth Centre or would like more information you should discuss your intentions with your midwife.


How can you contact the Birth Centre?

You can call the Birth Centre is 020 8836 5297 or call extension 020 8836 6000 extension 64132.


What else do you need to know?

The Greenwich Birth Centre provides women and birthing people with a safe and caring environment to have a physiological birth, with the security of knowing that any medical interventions can be carried out if necessary.

Gas and air and pethidine will be available if you come to need it, and these can be used alongside other natural methods to help you stay relaxed and calm during labour.

Your midwife will be there to support you and keep you comfortable.  They will be able to suggest a variety of labour techniques suited to you, helping to make sure your experience is a positive one.

Please note that epidurals will not be available at the Greenwich Birth Centre.

A small percentage of people may experience difficulties during birth. If this happens we will transfer you to the nearby labour ward to be cared for by a consultant. If your baby experiences any complications the neonatal team will also be available to help.

If you have not already, you can refer yourself directly to our maternity services without having to speak to your GP. You can  call our Maternity Helpline on 020 8836 4491.

If you have any non-urgent enquiries, why not ask Edie our E-Midwife:

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