Speak to a midwife

Mother and Midwife with Twins

If you would like to speak to a midwife you can do this in a number of ways.

Non-urgent enquiries – ask a question about your pregnancy

Pregnancy is a special time for you and your family and understandably you may have many questions about your care. Your midwife is a great source of advice, so try and make a list of questions to ask at each of your appointments.

Sometimes you may forget what you wanted to ask but do not worry. You can send your non-urgent question to Edie, our e-Midwife by emailing  LG.e-midwife@nhs.net

You can expect a response to your query within 48 hours.

Edie is an experienced practicing midwife. You can follow Edie on facebook:

facebook Edie E-Midwife


Maternity Helpline

It is now even easier to speak to one of our midwives to answer any questions you may have about pregnancy, birth or your newborn baby with our new Maternity Helpline:

020 8836 4491

Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm

Urgent enquiries

If you need to speak to a midwife urgently you can call one of the numbers below:

University Hospital Lewisham:           

020 8333 3026       Delivery Suite (24hrs)

Queen Elizabeth Hospital: 

020 8836 4522/23   Delivery Suite (24 hrs)


Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit (EPAU)

If you are having problems such as bleeding or abdominal pain in the first 16 weeks of pregnancy, you can refer yourself or be referred by a clinician to our Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit (EPAU). 

How do I get a referral?

If needed you can refer yourself to EPAU by filling out our EPAU self-referral form.

You can also be referred by a clinician (doctor, midwife or advanced clinical practitioner) who will complete an electronic referral, or by your GP who can email us directly.

Once your referral has been received, please wait for a phone call from the EPAU. A specialist EPAU nurrse will call to do a phone assessment with you, and they will advise whether you need to attend a booked appointment for a face-to-face assessment and/or scan. You are often contacted on the same day, or the next working day if the referral is received after 3pm. It is likely that the caller ID will show as a private number or withheld number.

If you are experiencing heavy bleeding and/or severe pain, or feeling dizzy, please go straight to the Emergency Department (A&E). Do not wait to be called by the EPAU team.

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