Listening to young people about important issues

Youth Board December 2021 Our Youth Board launched in October 2021. The members were welcomed to the Trust by Dr Elizabeth Aitken, Medical Director, Helen Knower, Director of Nursing and Midwifery and Robert Cole, Head of Nursing for Children and Young People.

Since the launch the board members (we currently have 20) have toured the children’s areas across site and started work on the: ‘You’re Welcome’ national standards project to see how ‘young person friendly’ we are as a Trust.

They will be speaking with staff, patients (and their families) and partner organisations to look at patient pathways and to see what support and resources are available. Sulan Gingell, from our Quality Improvement (QI) team, joined the board meeting to give an introduction to QI and to support the board in this important project.

The board have decided to rotate the Chair and Co-Chair positions between them to ensure they are all able to gain valuable experience in these roles and also have a Diversity Lead in place who will meet regularly with our Multicultural Inclusion Network.

The youth board members have also received bespoke HR training to equip members with the skills to join our interview panels as we are keen to ensure the voices of young people are included in our decision making processes.

If you know any young people who would be interested in joining the youth board please contact Bethan Williams, Transition Coordinator on: