Energy Sustainability

Sustainability logo 2020 August 2020

In response to feedback from our staff the Trust has set up a new sustainability group led by our Director of Performance, Rachael Backler.

The group is made up of staff from different roles across the Trust, and is looking at different themes sitting under the sustainability banner. This includes discussing a ‘greener outlook’, people’s ideas to improve our workplace, how we can set a good example and make a valuable contribution towards sustainability in the wider community.

The group is initially focussing on these main topics:

  • Recycling - promoting recycling and sharing better information
  • Procurement - which will encompass areas like single use/ less packaging
  • Clinical model – encouraging use of greener equipment/supplies where appropriate (with safety always at the forefront)
  • Greener choices - giving people information, encouragement and support where needed to make greener choices

Rachael said: “Our staff been showing more and more interest in subjects such as recycling, using less packaging and adopting more of a digital approach where possible. We want to put people’s ideas into practice, and make it even easier to be environmentally friendly our day-to-day work. We look forward to sharing results and celebrating successful ideas as the year progresses.”

We will be launching our action plan soon so will bring you more information and news.

Find out more about the national programme for a Greener NHS.

Did you know...

  • Using a refillable bottle for a year saves 64kg of CO2 compared with single use plastic bottles
  • Turning off equipment and lights and controlling temperatures can lead to great savings, Barts Health saved 2,200 tonnes of carbon a year across six sites
  • Saving one journey a week of 16.7 miles reduces the equivalent of 230kg of CO2e per person
  • Great Ormond Street Hospital saved an incredible 21 tonnes of plastic, (and £90,000) by safely reducing their consumption of disposable gloves.