Freedom to Speak Up Guardians

About Freedom to Speak Up (FTSU) guardians

FTSU guardians in NHS trusts were recommended by Sir Robert Francis, following his review and subsequent report into the failings in Mid-Staffordshire. FTSU guardians have a key role in helping our staff with concerns they might have with or within the Trust. The guardians help ensure our Trust is an open and transparent place to work, where everyone is encouraged to speak up safely to address any concerns or issues they might have.


About The Guardian Service

The Guardian Service In response to the latest staff survey findings on bullying, harassment and other workplace issues, as well as a series of focused workshops we ran with colleagues last year, the Trust has welcomed The Guardian Service to offer independent and confidential support to staff who wish to raise concerns.

Our Freedom to Speak up Guardian is there for our staff 24/7 should they wish to raise concerns outside of our internal channels. The Guardian Service was established in 2013, and currently supports over 40,000 NHS employees across the country.

They are available for confidential calls from our staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week:

T: 0333 577 5299



Reporting our progress

Each year The Guardian Service provides a report to the Trust outlining the work they have undertaken, including how we have worked together to resolve concerns and common themes. These reports are presented through the Trust Board governance system and are used to inform both direct Freedom to Speak up work plans and wider programmes of work.

You can find the reports and board coversheets for 2020/21 and 2021/22 on the Trust documents page.

The reports demonstrate that the Trust works well in partnership with The Guardian Service. The Trust continues to develop a positive speak up culture and this is central to being able to respond to challenges, such as embedding learning from the findings of the Ockenden Report.


Further information

This link provides further information about raising concerns, how managers can best support staff who raise concerns and the role of the Freedom to Speak up guardian.