Delivery Suite at University Hospital Lewisham

Labour ward


Our Delivery Suite (called the Anderson Suite) is purpose-built with dedicated professionals available 24-hours a day to ensure that you and your baby are cared for well during your labour and birth.

Our 11 labour rooms include a dedicated high risk room and two rooms with birth pools for women and birthing people who would like to spend time in water.  All rooms have access to birthing aids, such as a birth ball, birthing stool and bean bags to encourage an active labour.

Take a look at active birth positions to try with a peanut shaped birthing ball: 

Peanut birth ball positions poster [pdf] 893KB

We will support you in every way we can in having a positive birth experience.

Who can use the Delivery Suite?

If your pregnancy has not been straightforward, then we are likely to recommend that you birth your baby in our Delivery Suite. You are also welcome to choose to give birth in the Delivery Suite if your pregnancy has been uncomplicated.

Some women and birthing people choose to have a planned caesarean birth and this type of birth may also be recommended for medical reasons for some people. Find out more in our leaflet about caesarean births:

Elective planned caesarean birth leaflet [pdf] 262KB

Induction of labour is where we help start your labour for you. Induction of labour (IOL) may be offered for a number of different reasons. You can find out more in our leaflet about induction of labour:

Induction of Labour leaflet [pdf] 368KB


Where is the Delivery Suite? 

The Delivery Suite is located on the 3rd floor of the Women & Children's Wing (Green Zone) at University Hospital Lewisham, Lewisham High Street, London, SE13 6LH.

How can you contact the Delivery Suite?

You can call the Delivery Suite on 020 8333 3026.


What else do you need to know?

The Delivery Suite can offer the full range of options for coping with labour, including birthing pool, gas and air (Entonox), pethidine and epidural. It is staffed and equipped to deal with all situations, in particular if medical intervention may be needed for you and/or your baby.

If you have not already, you can refer yourself directly to our maternity services without having to speak to your GP. You can call our Maternity Helpline on 020 8836 4491.