Delivery Suite at Queen Elizabeth Hospital

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Our Delivery Suite has purpose-built, modern facilities with dedicated healthcare professionals available 24-hours a day on site to ensure that you and your baby receive high quality care during your labour.

We have 17 rooms on Delivery Suite which include a dedicated high risk room and one room with a birth pool for birthing people who would like to be in water during labour. We also have portable pools.  All rooms have access to birthing aids, such as birthing balls, birthing stools and bean bags to encourage an active labour.

Take a look at active birth positions to try with a peanut shaped birthing ball:

Peanut birth ball positions poster for web.pdf [pdf] 893KB

We will support you in every way we can in having a positive birth experience.

Who can use the Delivery Suite?

If your pregnancy has not been straightforward, then you are likely to have your baby in the Delivery Suite. You can also choose to have your baby in the Delivery Suite if your pregnancy has been straightforward.

Where is the Delivery Suite? 

The Delivery Suite is located on the first floor of the main Queen Elizabeth Hospital building. Come in through the main entrance on Stadium Road, London SE18 1QH

How can you contact the Delivery Suite

You can call the Delivery Suite on 020 8836 4522/4523

What else you need to know

The Delivery Suite is able to offer the full range of options for coping with labour, including birthing pool, gas and air (Entonox), pethidine and epidural. It is staffed and equipped to deal with all situations, in particular if medical intervention may be needed for you and/or your baby.

If you have not already, you can refer yourself directly to our maternity services without having to speak to your GP. You can  call our Maternity Helpline on 020 8836 4491.

If you have any non-urgent enquiries, why not ask Edie our E-Midwife:

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