Respiratory services in Lewisham

We offer a wide range of services to treat all respiratory disorders, and provide a number of specialist clinics including cystic fibrosis

Essential information


Chest Clinic
Yellow Zone
University Hospital Lewisham

The door is located on the front of the hospital in the patient transport area

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T: 020 3192 6888

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What services are provided?

We provide specialist clinics for the following conditions:

  • Lung cancer
  • Tuberculosis (TB) and TB in HIV
  • Asthma
  • Chronic obstructive airways disease
  • Pleural diseases
  • Cough
  • Joint service with the rheumatology consultant for patients with autoimmune disorders
  • Assessment for pulmonary rehabilitation
  • Cystic fibrosis and transition

We also provide a range of diagnostic services and link with other specialties such as oncology and radiotherapy, including:

  • Oxygen assessment
  • Overnight sleep assessments
  • Lung function tests

When do the clinics take place?

Monday: TB nurse clinic; consultant TB clinic; and consultant asthma and cough clinic

Tuesday: Nurse led COPD clinic (patients are triaged into this clinic by the nurse consultant); consultant general chest clinic; and cystic fibrosis consultant and nurse clinic

Wednesday: Nurse led COPD clinic; consultant severe COPD and respiratory failure clinic, including review of patients with sleep disorders; consultant general chest clinic

Thursday: Cystic fibrosis annual reviews

Friday: Consultant general and joint clinic with the rheumatology consultant for patients with autoimmune disorders

Further information about our specialist clinics

Cystic fibrosis

We have a consultant with a specialist interest in CF, a specialist nurse, and a dietitian who provide a service to patients over 16 years old. All patients are reviewed at least annually, however patients have direct access to the specialist nurse for advice and support.

Tuberculosis (TB)

Patients are seen by a consultant with a specialist interest in TB. They are also seen regularly by the specialist TB nursing team who offer support and education as well as managing the patient’s treatment plan as requested by the consultant. An important factor in managing patients with TB is education, and the team work hard to ensure that the education offered meets the needs of the individual patients and their families.


We have a consultant with a specialist interest in COPD who leads our innovative service and runs a weekly clinic that is dedicated to severe COPD and sleep disorders. We also have a nurse consultant and a team of specialist respiratory nurses who manage the care of patients with COPD. They offer education and support and where necessary work closely with community colleagues to ensure that patients are monitored and supported in their own homes. When patients are referred to the COPD team, their referral is reviewed and they are seen by the most appropriate person who maybe one of the specialist nurses.

Severe COPD

The respiratory nursing team offer a range of services which include COPD and asthma clinics in the hospital. Referrals are taken from GPs on the COPD referral template for patients whose COPD is deteriorating.

Patients who have queries can also contact the team via email and they aim to respond to these on the same day. They can be contacted at this email address:

Community and practice nurses are also supported by the respiratory nursing team either through joint clinics or reviews for patients with COPD and asthma. The nurses just need to contact the respiratory team to organise this.

Patients who have oxygen either at home or in the clinic or those who may potentially need home oxygen are also seen and reviewed.  The team also aim to see all patients who attend A&E and those admitted with both COPD and asthma with an aim to optimising treatment.


We offer a dedicated asthma clinic that is led by a consultant with a specialist interest. The respiratory nursing team also support these patients and offer advice on management and education.

Unexplained cough

Patients with unexplained cough are seen in a dedicated consultant clinic.

Respiratory physiotherapy

The Trust runs an outpatient physiotherapy service for patients with respiratory conditions affecting their lungs. 

Our lung exercise and education programme (LEEP), offers a course for adults over 18 with COPD and some other breathing problems.