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Covid-19 information for Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) patients

If you have IBD and you are worried about Covid-19, the IBD team at Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust are here to support you and help answer your questions.

We have been working to identify and contact our patients at highest risk (those who should be shielding). If you have not been contacted and think you are in the highest risk/shielding category, please contact us via the IBD Advice Line to make us aware and we can discuss this with you further.

For the latest information on Covid-19 vaccines and Crohn's and Colitis, please visit:

IBD Advice Line:

University Hospital Lewisham:

T: 07500 559 478

Queen Elizabeth Hospital:

T: 07770 578 387

Please be reassured that the risk from Covid 19 due to your IBD is likely to be low. As a general rule, if you are well, please do not stop your medication. Stopping medication may trigger a flare-up, and lead you to need to take steroids or even require hospital admission. When your IBD is flaring you are at higher risk of infections. Being unwell with a flare of IBD is by far a greater risk to you. If you develop a flare of your disease, please contact us on the IBD Advice Line.

If you are receiving infusion please note that they are still going ahead as planned. The practice in the infusion unit is already geared to preventing infection and we are taking additional steps to ensure that the chance of transmitting infections is absolutely minimised. You will be contacted the day before your infusion to check how you are feeling and confirm whether you should still go ahead.

If you do still have a specific query which has not been addressed here, then please get back in touch with us via the IBD advice line or via email.

Detailed guidance on how to reduce your risk of Covid-19 is available from Crohn’s and Colitis UK:

We also recommend that individuals assess their own risk using the Covid-19 IBD UK tool.

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