Freedom of Information (FOI) Responses: Disclosure Log

Before sending us a new FOI request, you can look at answers to questions other people have sent us. If after searching the list of questions we have already been asked, you feel  your question has not been answered or you need more specific information, please refer to guidance on How to Make a Request .

Please be aware that although the information on this page was accurate at the time of publishing, unless the timelines of our response correspond with your information request, it may not now be, and should not be relied upon. This includes any links to external contacts which were valid at the time of publication.

If you require older copies of Freedom of Information requests please contact us here:

How to look at past questions and answers:

Each copy of our Disclosure Log covers a month and lists the requested received in date order and by subject. If there is a specific subject you would like to look at, please select the arrow next to the subject column (B). You can either select the subject from the list or in the search box type in a key word. For example if you want to look for waiting times in A&E you can type wait or A&E

For Financial Year 2024/25:

April 2024 - Disclosure Log - Apr 24


For Financial Year 2023/24:

March 2024 Disclosure Log - Mar 24

February 2024 - Disclosure Log - Feb 24

January 2024 - Disclosure Log - Jan 24

December 2023 - Disclosure Log - Dec 23

November 2023 - Disclosure Log - Nov 23

October 2023 - Disclosure Log - Oct 23

September 2023 - Disclosure Log - Sept 23

August 2023-  Disclosure Log - Aug 23