DAFNE Education Programme

diabetes education programme

The DAFNE (Dose Adjustment For Normal Eating) education programme is for people with type 1 diabetes and is available in 69 centres in the UK and also overseas. We have been running DAFNE courses at the trust since 2007.

DAFNE makes living with diabetes easier and has been shown to lead to:

  •      Better overall diabetes control (lower HbA1C)
  •      A reduction in hypoglycaemia
  •      Improved quality of life

The DAFNE programme is designed for people with Type 1 diabetes and each course will accommodate six to eight people.  Each course lasts for five days and is led by a Diabetes Specialist Nurse and a Dietician who are both specifically trained for DAFNE. The principal aim of the DAFNE programme is to provide skills in the areas of carbohydrate counting and insulin dose adjustment in a comprehensive range of situations.

Other subjects included in the programme are:

  •      Insulin action and injection technique
  •      Blood glucose monitoring
  •      Hypoglycaemia
  •      Annual review and complications
  •      Illness and sick day rules
  •      Physical activity and exercise
  •      Social aspects (including driving)

DAFNE Dates at the trust:

There is one five day course at Queen Elizabeth 20th- 24th April 2015.

There are five one day courses at Lewisham, running every Tuesday for five consecutive weeks:

5th, 12th, 19th, 26th May & 2nd June 2015.

Please contact your Diabetes Centre at Lewisham Hospital, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Woolwich or Queen Mary’s Hospital Sidcup for more information on these courses.