Stardust Award - nominate LGT colleagues for an award

Stardust Award - nominate LGT colleagues for an award

Welcome to the official page of the Stardust Award, an honor presented as part of the annual Star Awards ceremony held by Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust. This accolade recognises the exceptional dedication and care provided by the members of staff within the Trust — but uniquely, nominations are made by our patients, families, carers and visitors.

Nominees for the Stardust Award are put forth by the people whose lives they have touched. If you or someone you know has received exceptional care, support, or assistance from a member or members of staff working within the Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust, you have the opportunity to express your appreciation by nominating them for this esteemed award.

You can nominate our colleagues here via the short, easy to use nomination form.

This could be a colleague/team working at any of the following:

  • Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich
  • University Hospital Lewisham
  • One of our community healthcare sites in Lewisham
  • A partner organisation working at any of the above sites

Do you have a story of a healthcare hero who made a significant difference in your life or the life of someone you care about? We invite you to share your experience and nominate that exceptional individual — or team, you can nominate as many colleagues as you want — for the Stardust Award. This is your chance to acknowledge their dedication and impact on the community.

How to nominate Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust staff for this award

Making your nomination is simple and straightforward. Just follow these steps:

  • Visit our nomination form
  • Provide your contact information.
  • Share your story: In a few paragraphs, describe how the nominee went above and beyond to provide outstanding care or support. Feel free to include any specific instances that highlight their exceptional qualities.
  • Submit your nomination.

If your nomination is successful, you’ll get an invite to join us free of charge for the celebrations!

Thank you for taking the time to recognize the exceptional members of staff at the Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust. Your nomination is a testament to their commitment and the positive impact they make in our communities. Together, let's celebrate the stars who bring "stardust" into our lives!


2023 Stardust Award winners

Florence Boyer, Chelsey Bayes and Youseff Messaoudi - Maternity Department

When families join us to welcome a new arrival, our birthing patients deserve patience, expertise and kindness. These are qualities that Flo, Chelsey and Youseff have in abundance.

Their nominator, Hijrat from Lewisham, arrived with his family in the UK from Afghanistan just over a year ago, after fleeing the devastation in their country. His wife was pregnant, and this was the first time any of the family had been apart from their loved ones, adding to the turmoil.

“It was very difficult situation for us as a family,” said Hijrat, but Flo, Chelsey and Youseff “stood by our side like a family member. Besides being professional and experienced these three … have very kind, and caring hearts.

Flo and Chelsey were on hand to make Hijrat’s wife as comfortable as possible, always with a “loving smile”, and Hijrat adds “I also recall Mr. Youssef helping us with taking things such as milk for the baby and clothes for both mum and baby to the ward, because of the Covid restrictions. He is a true gentleman.” We’re delighted to have recognised this incredible story of our colleagues’ compassion.