One-stop Clinic for Neck Lumps

The one-stop clinic for neck lumps is a truly multidisciplinary clinic where patients benefit from the input of a team of Head and Neck Surgeons, Haem-oncologists and Cytopathologists; with radiology and speech and language therapy readily available.

We also have a clinical nurse specialist in attendance to support patients with a new diagnosis of cancer.

This service has recently been commended by the Peer Review process for head and neck cancer services as a model of best practice and it was suggested that this model be adopted through the wider network.

Where is the one-stop clinic located?

The one-stop clinic for neck lumps is located in the ENT Department on the 1st floor of the Pink Zone at University Hospital Lewisham.

When does the clinic take place?

The clinic runs every Wednesday afternoon.

Who is the one-stop clinic for?

The clinic is for patients with neck lumps who need to be seen within two weeks.

How can you get an appointment?

Patients are referred by their GP on a 'two week wait proforma', which means an urgent appointment will be assigned within two weeks.

How can you contact the one-stop clinic?

You can call the ENT Department on 0208 333 3000 ext 8092.

Who are the key staff?

This clinic is led by an ENT Consultant, Mr Jacob, who works closely with a range of other departments.

What else do you need to know?

We recently extended the service to allow patients who have been referred to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich or Queen Mary’s Hospital in Sidcup on 'two week wait proformas' to also be seen at University Hospital Lewisham, therefore benefiting from the one-stop service.