Lewisham Community Falls Service

We are a team of specialist occupational therapists, physiotherapists and therapy assistant practitioners working with people aged 65 or over, who have fallen or at risk of falls.

Our aim is to reduce your risk of falling so that you can keep active and independent.

Please note that we do not provide an urgent response. If you have hurt yourself, can't recall falling, hit your head or you had any loss of consciousness, you should contact your GP or call 111 for urgent advice. If your fall may be linked to a medical condition, your GP can refer you to our falls clinic at University Hospital Lewisham.


Who we can support

falls team pic 2We see people ages 65 and over who live in the London Borough of Lewisham and/or have a Lewisham GP. You may benefit from a referral to us if you have:

  • Had one or more falls
  • A fear of falling
  • Concerns about your strength and balance.


Who can refer?

Anyone can refer to our service and you are welcome to refer yourself.

Monday to Friday between 9am and 4pm you can: 

Before referring on behalf of someone else, you need to discuss it with them and have their permission.

Please note: if you are a GP or health care professional please complete and send this referral form: GP and health care professional referral form [docx] 55KB


How can we help

If we feel that you would benefit from an assessment, we may visit you at home or invite you to a clinic.

During the assessment we review the factors that can contribute to falls in older adults. This includes strength and balance, medication, vision, blood pressure, and any dizziness or vertigo.

With your permission our occupational therapists may also carry out a home hazard assessment to see if anything in your home environment may be putting you at higher risk of falls.

After the assessment, we develop a falls prevention plan designed to reduce your risk of falls.

This may include:

  • A home exercise programme to improve your strength and balance
  • Giving you mobility aids or suggesting minor adaptations such as grab rails to improve your safety and reduce your risk of falls.
  • With your permission we can also refer you to other teams who can help you to manage your health needs, to help keep you independent and reduce your falls risks.


Do you run any exercise classes for older adults?

We run ‘Stable and Steady’ exercise classes in community venues throughout Lewisham These are designed to improve your strength and balance and to reduce your risk of falls.

To attend these classes, you need to be able to stand up from a chair that doesn’t have arms and be able to walk 50 metres with or without a walking aid.

We do not provide transport to the classes.


Some tips on reducing the risk of falls

  • Stay active – it helps both physical and mental health  falls team page pic
  • Don’t sit for too long; get up and stretch every hour or so
  • Talk to your GP if you are falling due to dizziness or blackouts
  • Talk to your GP or practice nurse if you are worried about your bladder and bowels (frequency, urgency, incontinence)
  • Talk to your GP if you are worried about your memory or any confusion
  • Check your home for clutter, adequate lighting and trip hazards Get your eyes and ears tested regularly
  • Ask your community pharmacist to review your medications
  • Keep an eye on your feet, check your footwear and visit a chiropodist if needed
  • Drink plenty of fluids, eat a healthy diet and limit alcohol
  • Talk to your GP about your bone health, especially if you have osteoporosis, smoke or consume a high quantity of alcohol
  • Make a plan for how you will attract help if you do fall eg install Linkline, have a mobile phone handy.