Endocrinology Services at Queen Elizabeth

The Endocrinology Department provides an extensive range of investigations and treatments for patients with disorders affecting the endocrine (or hormonal) system.


Outpatients appointments 020 8836 4969/4908/4965

Diabetes Clinics

  • Diabetes clinics - one follow up clinic on Monday afternoon, one mixed multi-disciplinary (new and follow up) clinic at Beckenham on Thursday morning and a new patient clinic on Friday morning.
  • Diabetes complications clinics
  • Joint antenatal clinic on Tuesday morning at Orpington.
  • Nurse led diabetes clinics - insulin starts, education re: diabetes
  • Telephone support service - by prior arrangement.
  • Podiatry clinics
  • Dietician clinics
  • Retinal screening
  • Once monthly educational meetings (First Monday of each month) - open to all Health care professionals.

General Endocrinology Clinics

For assessment of any endocrine disorder including uncomplicated thyroid or pituitary disorder.


Fortnightly Lipid clinics held on Wednesday morning at the Bromley Diabetes Centre.

Thyroid Clinic

For typical lumps, assessment for radioiodine treatment, and fine-tuning thyroid hormone replacement.

Pituitary Clinic

A small monthly clinic for follow-up patients with pituitary disorders including patients who have had pituitary surgery or radiotherapy.


Referrals can be made by GPs.