Cardiology Services in Lewisham

The department provides a comprehensive cardiology service for adults, providing diagnosis and treatment for a range of heart conditions. Patients are either referred by their GP or the hospital's Emergency Department.


Cardiology Department
Location Cardiology Department
Yellow Zone
1st Floor
University Hospital Lewisham
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The Cardiac Department is based next to the Radiology Department on the first floor of the outpatient’s building.

The Coronary Care Unit is on the third floor of the Riverside building.


Contact details

Coronary Care Unit: 020 8333 3000 ext 3857 or 8835

Cardiac Department: 020 8333 3000 ext 6147 or 6278 or 8094

Cardiac Rehab: 020 8333 3000 ext 6514

Heart Failure Community Service: 020 30493473

Heart Failure Hospital Service: 020 8333 3000 ext 8170

Rapid Access Chest Pain Clinic: 020 8333 3000 ext 3217

Arrhythmia Service Tel: 020 8333 3000 ext 8172

What conditions does the department treat?

The department treats a wide variety of conditions in adults, including:

  •     Acute coronary syndromes
  •     Heart failure
  •     Hypertension
  •     Atrial fibrillation/flutter
  •     Supra ventricular tachycardias
  •     Ventricular arrhythmias
  •     AV nodal disease
  •     Syncope and pre syncope (fainting, lightheadedness)
  •     Pericardial effusion/tamponades (collection of fluid around the heart)
  •     Endocarditis ( a rare heart infection)
  •     Myocarditis/pericarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle)
  •     Cardiomyopathy (heart muscle disease)
  •     Valvular heart disease


Services provided

  •     Inpatient and outpatient cardiology
  •     RACPC (rapid access chest pain clinic)
  •     Atrial fibrillation (AF) clinic
  •     DC Cardioversion
  •     Hypertension clinic
  •     Pacing
  •     Acute coronary syndrome (ACS) inpatient and outpatient services
  •     Heart failure inpatient and outpatient services
  •     Inpatient and outpatient exercise treadmill testing (ETT)
  •     Echocardiography (a painless study using ultrasonic waves to visualise structural and functional abnormalities of the heart),
  •     24-hout ECG monitoring and blood pressure monitoring
  •     Patient activated monitoring (PAM)
  •     GP direct access echocardiography, 24-hour ECG monitoring, blood pressure monitoring and ECG
  •     Transoesophageal echocardiography (TOE)
  •     Cardiac CT
  •     Myocardial perfusion scan
  •     Stress echocardiography
  •     A full range of inpatient and outpatient cardiac rehabilitation (CR)


Opening hours

Monday: 9.15am-5pm

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: 8.30am-5pm

Saturday and Sunday: closed but with extra clinics as required.

The GP electrocardiogram (ECG) service is open daily 8.30am-4.30pm.