Sexual Health Services

The Sexual and Reproductive Health Team provide advice and guidance on sexual health issues to men, women and young people.


Where do we provide services?

We provide services at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Lewisham Hospital (HIV only) and in the Lewisham Community.

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Please note from 1 October 2016 sexual health services in Greenwich have been updated to include extended opening hours of walk-in clinics in the borough and free home testing.  For more info visit:


What services are available?


We offer an integrated community contraception, sexual health and GUM service including:

  • Long acting reversible contraception (LARC) including IUDs (coils), Mirena (IUS), and implants are available by appointment as well as at walk-in clinics                                                  
  • Tests and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are available at all clinics
  • Specialist GUM service every day at the Waldron clinic by appointment
  • Services for young people (You’re Welcome accredited services)
  • Pregnancy testing, advice and referral
  • Emergency hormonal contraception:
    • A tablet than can be taken up to 72 hours (three days) after unprotected sex to help prevent pregnancy (this will be more effective the sooner it is taken). The tablet is also available from many pharmacies in Lewisham, visit for a list of pharmacies near you.
    • A tablet (ellaOne) that can be taken up to five days after unprotected sex to help prevent preganancy.
    • An emergency intra uterine device (IUD) which can be used up to five days after unprotected sex to help prevent pregnancy.
  • HIV testing

Please note we do not offer cervical smears – please contact your GP if you need to have a smear.

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Why choose us?

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