We provide comprehensive and confidential care for adults (over 16 years old) in Lewisham and Greenwich with HIV infection. Please follow this link to view: 

Change in the medical notes system for HIV Clinics | Lewisham and Greenwich

What services are provided?

  • Management and treatment of HIV and opportunistic infections led by a multidisciplinary specialist medical team
  • Specialist pharmaceutical advice, medicines information and therapeutic drug monitoring
  • Confidential prescription dispensing and adherence support
  • HIV homecare delivery scheme
  • Nutritional advice from a specialist dietitian
  • Joint specialist midwife antenatal care
  • Psychological support for patients living with HIV
  • Community nurse specialists.



We have two HIV clinics that are dedicated to managing and treating HIV and opportunistic infections and are led by specialist medical teams. Opportunistic infections are infections that occur more frequently and are more severe in people with weakened immune systems.




Alexis Clinic (University Hospital Lewisham) 

2nd Floor Pink Zone, University Hospital Lewisham, Lewisham High Street, SE13 6LH

T: 020 3192 6752

Trafalgar Clinic (Queen Elizabeth Hospital)

West Entrance, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich SE18 4QH

T: 020 8836 6969

How can I access the service?

Anyone over the age of 16 years old can access our HIV services. You can refer yourself if you are known to be HIV positive by contacting us directly. You can also be referred to us by another healthcare professional.

>> GPs and other healthcare professionals can use this referral form – click to download

If you would like to transfer your HIV care to us please contact us by email or telephone directly on the contact details above. It would be helpful to have a transfer of care summary from your previous HIV care provider that includes what medications you currently take, other health conditions and most recent blood test results.


Your appointment

You can now book, change, or cancel your appointments via email. If you would like to do so, please email your clinic on the correct email address above with your request and our reception team will get back to you within three working days. If it's urgent, or your appointment is within three days, please call us instead.


Virtual appointments for patients taking HIV medications

The virtual review service is for patients who are taking HIV medications and have had an undetectable viral load for approximately one year. It gives you the option have a telephone, video, or email consultation rather than coming into the clinic. This means fewer visits to the clinic while still being in touch with your clinician. Two weeks before your virtual review slot you should attend for your blood tests.


Sexual health screening and vaccinations

Sexual health screening is offered to all of our registered patients as part of our routine tests.

We offer vaccination for HPV, Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B.


Pharmacy and prescriptions

We have a specialist pharmacist in each of our clinics to ensure you have all of the information and support you need to successfully take your medicines on a regular basis.

If you need support with your medicines please contact your clinic and ask to be booked into a pharmacist support clinic.

Some medicines can interact with the medicines that we give you. This includes medications prescribed by other healthcare professionals such as your GP and those you can buy over the counter. We can give advice on which medicines can be used safely together. We can also help if you are experiencing any side effects that you think may be caused by the medicines we prescribe. We can advise you on how to manage the side effects, or we may suggest changing your medicines. All medicine changes will be fully discussed with you.

Prescriptions are normally produced when you attend your regular appointment. You can then collect your medicines from the hospital outpatient pharmacy (Boots in University Hospital Lewisham or Lloyds in Queen Elizabeth Hospital)

Home delivery

We offer a home delivery service to patients who are settled in their medicine regime and take their medicines regularly. This is a service commissioned by the Trust to deliver your medications in a discreet package to your door. The package will not have any identifying marks as to what is inside, only your name and address like any other package. If you are interested in this service please ask your doctor when you are next attend your clinic.

It is very important that you do not miss doses of your medicines. If you are running out, please contact the clinic by either email or telephone to inform them of this giving at least 72 hours notice.

Please note that home delivery requires you to give us at least three weeks notice to ensure your medicine can be delivered to you in time.

If you need an emergency prescription, please call your clinic on the number below to discuss as soon as you can.

  • Alexis Clinic (Lewisham): 020 8192 6752
  • Trafalgar Clinic (Queen Elizabeth Hospital) pharmacy phone number: 020 8836 6206 (please note this is different to the main clinic number).


Ending new HIV transmissions in the UK is within our grasp

The Trust's sexual health and HIV services are working to make AIDS a thing of the past – here's how: