Allergic conditions like eczema and food allergies are very common in children and affect a large number of children in the UK. 

Symptoms can affect the nose, throat, ears, eyes, airways, digestion and skin in mild, moderate or severe form. These symptoms can have a significant impact on a child's general health and well-being.

The demand for the treatment of allergies in children has led to the Trust launching an allergy service aimed specifically at children and young people.

The Paediatric Allergy Clinic at University Hospital Lewisham treats children with common allergic conditions such as eczema, food allergies and moderate or severe hay fever. The clinic is multidisciplinary and offers diagnostic tests and treatment for allergies, as well as providing families with advice on allergen avoidance and the treatment of allergic disease. Families are also able to receive advice from a specialist dietitian on how they can exclude allergens from their diet in case of food allergies.

If you require advice about your child’s allergic condition please contact your GP or local pharmacist.