Radiology at Queen Elizabeth Hospital

The Radiology/X-Ray Services at our Queen Elizabeth Hospital are modern and well-equipped with some of the latest, most technologically advanced equipment.

Such technologies include PACS, a system that makes x-rays (images) accessible to clinicians at any computer throughout the site.

All GP Imaging Department reports are now sent electronically direct to the GP surgery.

Contact Details


T: 020 8836 4734

Services Available

General Radiology

The Department provides a range of general radiography services including mammography, contrast studies of the gastrointestinal and urinary tracts, vascular Imaging and interventional procedures e.g. angioplasty, embolisation, stenting of the biliary or urinary systems, drainage of abscesses and biopsy procedures. The Department also operates a bone density scanner in association with Rheumatology.

A 24-hour emergency service is in operation and mobile radiography is available to all wards and operating theatres at Queen Elizabeth, Woolwich.

Computed Tomography (CT) scanning

As well as "routine" CT scans, the Department offers spiral CT scans, multiplanar reconstruction scans, high definition scans for fine detail and CT-guided interventions including CT-guided biopsy.

Facilities for patients requiring a general anaesthetic are available.

Nuclear Medicine

The Department of Nuclear Medicine uses radioisotope techniques to aid in the investigation of diseases of body systems, in the localisation of infection or cancer and in therapeutic procedures.


Ultrasound Imaging may be used to investigate the anatomy of many body areas e.g. the abdomen, the pelvis and some endocrine glands. The obstetric ultrasound service is provided by the Imaging Department, within Women's Services to maternity patients throughout their pregnancies.

Patients who are diabetic should read the "regular" information as well as that written for them.

If you have any further queries then please contact us using the numbers below.

How can you get a referral?

  • General Radiology (plain x-ray) - GP referred walk-in service
  • CT-scanning (computed tomography) - site specialist referral only
  • Nuclear Medicine - site specialist referral mainly, but some procedures can be requested by GPs (e.g. bone or lung scans) and other requests can be discussed with the Consultant
  • Ultrasound - site specialist or GP referral (open access is available to GPs for early obstetric problems)