Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust Youth Board

LGT Youth Board logo Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust Youth Board is a forum made up of young people aged 14-18 who are living, studying or working in Lewisham, Greenwich and Bexley boroughs, who:

  • Ensure a voice on the rights of children and young people (CYP).
  • Provide insight about what CYP like and care about.
  • Raise awareness to help other CYP to understand our work.
  • Act as a forum for CYP to share their personal experiences and insights about community & acute care.
  • Improve experience of transition to adult services.

LGT Youth Board members are:

  • A representative voice - ensuring the voice of CYP are listened to by adult decision makers.
  • Advising the CYP division / Trust - providing advice and guidance from the perspective of a young person.
  • Community representatives - representing their school and community views that matter to the young people.
  • Uniting young people - creating links between different groups of young people and the CYP division / Trust.
  • Promoting a positive image of young people.
  • Gaining new skills and have access to opportunities to develop as an individual.
  • Able to be involved in commissioning new services.
  • To be part of interview panels interviewing for all jobs within the CYP division / Trust and its partner agencies.

What young people say

“A Youth Board is a really simple way of making sure that your opinion is heard and influences the future of the Trust. It’s been a privilege to meet with different organisations and hear the opinions of young people who genuinely want to make an impact, like me! And I would encourage anyone to join.”

The Youth Board have been involved in a number of projects, including:

  • Attendance at the CYP nursing recruitment day
  • Input on design for a ligature-free room on the children’s wards
  • “You’re Welcome” accreditation audit
  • Youth board sleepover

If you would be interested in joining the LGT Youth board please complete an application (link to application form), or for more information contact:

The Patient Experience team: LG.patientexperienceLGT@nhs.net

Robert Cole, Head of Nursing: Robert.cole@nhs.net

Trudie Kee, Programmes Manager, Redthread QEH: Trudie.kee@nhs.net