Enhancing the Healing Environment

The visual arts can bring a sense of humanity to clinical spaces. Art can lift the spirits, calm, distract, soothe and reassure. As such, we artistically decorate our wards, corridors, waiting rooms and treatment spaces to ensure these hospital spaces make people feel better.

We commission artists and designers to produce uplifting imagery for patient areas – often using those from the local community, making the hospital a showcase of local creativity.

The visual arts are used to enhance the healing environment in a number of our key projects:

The Elixir Gallery

The Elixir Gallery was established at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in 2008 and has been providing quarterly exhibitions of work by professional and semi-professional artists, arts and community organisations ever since.

The Gallery is located close to the West Entrance to the Hospital and is open 24 hours a day, the space is fully accessible to people using wheelchairs. Please see the main hospital website for details of how to get to Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

elixir gallery


Riverside is home to the inpatient wards and Treatment Centre at University Hospital Lewisham. It was opened in 2007 and, as a part of construction, funding was provided by Carillion to purchase a number of works of art to complement the new building.

These included:

Blue Well by Chris Marshall, a tower of coloured glass and metal located externally to Riverside in a seating area (pictured below).

Reds by Rona Begum, a series of resin panels in the main Riverside entrance and along the ground floor corridor (pictured below).

Layered and printed glass windows by Annie Cattrell, located along the ground floor corridor.

The Ramps  

The Ramps walkway at Queen Elizabeth Hospital benefitted from a refurbishment in 2014 and in response to thorough consultation with the public a new colour scheme was developed and new artwork sourced.

The ramps now feature a series of colourful pieces by local glass artist Sue King, whose work was photographed in detail before being printed and installed in the space (pictured below).

arts connect on site

Wards 22 & 23 at Queen Elizabeth Hospital   

Newly built wards 22 & 23 opened with artwork by Amanda Ross on display. The botanical imagery was created using prints made directly from plant cuttings and the soft colour palette of greens, blues and greys complement the wards’ interiors perfectly. Amanda Ross has an extensive ‘plant library’ sourced from her travels in the UK and abroad, these are then used to create original works hand-printed on fabric, and a series of limited edition and giclee prints.

qeh artwork cropped

Pink zone corridor spaces at University Hospital Lewisham    

Works by artist Geraldine Walsh have been installed in the ground floor corridors of the pink zone. The works were originally wall drawings made with charcoal, water and clay which have then been photographed and reproduced as prints. The works on display are details from the Winter Always Turns to Spring series and a triptych of female portraits featuring bird head-dresses.

pink zone artwork UHL