Nursing and midwifery

Nurses and midwives make up the largest part of our workforce and are at the heart of multi-professional teams across the Trust. We actively search for staff who are innovative, adaptable and committed to providing evidence-based care. We aim to provide a supportive and inclusive environment for staff to thrive.

We are committed to helping you with your ongoing professional development through our comprehensive learning and development training programmes.




Healthcare Support Workers

As a Healthcare Support Worker (HCSW), you will be a valued member of your team. Your focus will be on keeping patients at the centre of all we do, providing high quality care and living our Trust values.

Our Healthcare Support Workers fall into three groups:

  • Healthcare Assistants (HCA) – provide assistance to nurses and doctors in wards and clinics across the Trust.
  • Theatre Support Workers (TSW) – work alongside theatre staff before, during and after operations.
  • Maternity Care Assistants (MCA) – work in maternity, helping women before and after giving birth.

Although it is hard work, you will be part of a supportive team. Our hospital could not run without our healthcare support workers.


Nursing Associates

The Nursing Associate is a fairly new role within the nursing team. Nursing Associates work with Healthcare Support Workers and Registered Nurses to deliver care for patients. Nursing Associates work across all services of nursing: adult's, children’s, mental health and learning disabilities. Your skills and responsibilities will vary, depending on the clinical area you work in.

The Nursing Associate apprenticeship lasts 24 months and will lead to a band 4 registered nursing associate role within your chosen area of practice at LGT. The Trust has a dedicated team of nurse educators who will support you with both your clinical and academic workloads and work with you to ensure you get the most out of your time as an apprentice with us.


Clinical induction and preceptorship

Preceptorship at Lewisham and Greenwich is an exciting opportunity to take ownership of your career and work to transition into your role as a registered member of our team. We understand that the time following registration as a healthcare professional can be challenging. Our preceptorship programme provides support and guidance to assist you safely through this transition. Newly registered practitioners who manage the transition successfully are able to provide effective care more quickly, feel better about their role and are more likely to remain within the profession.

We look forward to welcoming newly registered staff on our Trust Corporate Induction. Nursing and Midwifery and Health Care Assistants then undertake learning during their first year at the Trust.

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