Work experience

Please note: All non-medical work experience has been suspended until further notice due to the ongoing pandemic.


Work experience placements at the Trust provide an excellent opportunity to gain insight into professions in the NHS.

They can support career choices, personal development, and help build your knowledge and skill sets. Work experience opportunities may be available in three main areas:


1. Local Authority Education Business Partnership (EBP) placements

Education Business Partnerships (EBPs) are locally based organisations that support the education, training and development of young people. They aim to motivate and support young people to raise their levels of achievement and aspiration, gain relevant work related skills and develop an understanding of the world of work. We work closely with our local EBPs in coordinating work experience opportunities within the Trust. Please be aware that placements are extremely limited and as such students are advised to continue to search for placement opportunities elsewhere.

Lewisham and Royal Greenwich EBPs co-ordinate both clinical and non-clinical placements for the Trust

Clinical placements are in areas where patients are directly receiving healthcare; for example wards, physiotherapy locations and theatres

Non-clinical placements include areas such as Human Resources, Information Technology, Estates and facilities. The majority of our placements are non-clinical placements.


To be eligible for either of these types of placement you must be in year 10-13 year group and living, or studying, in the Boroughs of Lewisham or Royal Greenwich. 

If you live or study in Lewisham, the EBP will help to allocate you to an appropriate available placement. If you are interested, please contact them as follows;

T:0208 314 7921

We will confirm the application process for Greenwich students when work experience resumes.

When applying for a work experience role in the hospital by e-mail, please include your age, the borough you live in, the school you attend and the placement dates.


2. Medical placements

These are suitable for those who intend to study medicine and want a shadowing opportunity specifically concerned with the work of doctors.  Applicants must be at least 16+ and for some specialties, students need to be 17 or 18 years old. Please note this email address does not deal with Physiotherapy, Nursing or Midwifery placements so please do not send applications in as they will not receive a response.

Please note: Observational placements are held during the summer, exact weeks to be confirmed by administrators. Availability is limited, competitive and preference will go to pupils who live/school in the London Borough of Lewisham for UHL and Greenwich for QEH. Applications must be submitted between 1st January – 31st January for that year. Requests made outside of this period will receive an automatic response but will not be read or accepted.

For observational placements at University Hospital Lewisham, please send a CV and covering letter to:

For Queen Elizabeth Hospital please send a CV and covering letter to:


3. Career visits

These are short visits made by individuals or groups for a period of 1-3 days for the purpose of gaining an insight into a specific healthcare career. To be eligible, you must be in year 10-13 age group and must be living or studying in the Boroughs of Lewisham or Royal Greenwich.

For Individual visits, requests need to be made directly to a manager in a student’s chosen area. During the visit, the student will shadow a named member of staff who will be responsible for that student throughout their time at the Trust. Please click on the link below to access contact details for A-Z of Trust services.

A-Z of Services

Group Visit requests are usually made from an educational establishment to a central point, e.g. Head of Workforce Development. The experience will usually consist of presentations delivered by members of staff in an educational environment. There may be a group tour of a department or clinical area.


4. Further information

To learn more about potential careers in the NHS please visit

Here you can find out about the wide range of career options available, and take a quiz to decide what kind of role might suit you and your interests.