Stroke and TIA Services in Lewisham

A specialist unit at King's College Hospital has been set up to treat all Lewisham patients who have had a stroke. 

Once the emergency care is completed, patients are transferred to Lewisham Hospital for ongoing treatment and rehabilitation.

Plans for a new stroke pathway have also been developed to improve care and support for stroke patients and their carers.  The new pathway aims to improve the quality of services received, enable stroke patients to receive the community rehabilitation services they need and improve the links between the hospital and community services.

What services are available?

The Stroke Unit (Beech Ward) at Lewisham Hospital has purpose built, state-of-the-art facilities for physiotherapy, occupational therapy (including kitchen assessment), speech and language therapy, a patients’ and carers’ room and a multidisciplinary meetings room.

Another Stroke Unit has recently opened at Lewisham Hospital. Maple Ward is a new 24-bed stroke unit, which opened on 2 November. The ward offers excellent rehabilitation facilities for patients, including an on-ward rehabilitation gym, kitchen and group area.

Patients with Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA - minor strokes) are seen in the twice-weekly Neurovascular Clinic. This multi-disciplinary clinic is run by a Consultant and patients are referred either from their GP or from the hospital’s A&E Department.

All patients are reviewed and prioritised by the consultants and are seen within a week of referral. Since 2007, all new TIA patients have a CT brain scan and Carotid Doppler ultrasound (to detect narrowing of the neck arteries which is a risk factor for stroke) on the same day as their first appointment.

Where are these services located?

The Stroke Unit located in Beech Ward is on 1st floor of the Riverside Building, in the Orange Zone.

Maple ward is located on the 2nd Floor of Green Zone. To get there from main reception, please follow the corridor straight ahead, past Pharmacy and through the bright orange corridor until you reach the information desk. Turn left and follow the corridor round until you reach the entrance to Green Zone. You will then be able to take the lift or stairs to the second floor.

Maple Ward visiting times are 3.00-8.00pm.

The Neurovascular Clinic is located in Suite 2, which is on the 1st floor of the Yellow Zone.

To plan your journey to University Hospital Lewisham, please follow the link below:

Getting to University Hospital Lewisham

How can you contact the Stroke and TIA Units?

You can call the Beech Ward on 020 8333 3000 ext 48670 or 48915.

You can contact the Maple Ward on 020 8333 3000 ext. 26534

You can call the Neurovascular Clinic via the Care of the Elderly Department on 020 8333 3379.


What else do you need to know?

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