Recurrent Miscarriage

We run a service for women who have had repeated miscarriages to try to find out the cause and to offer treatment and support before and during the next pregnancy.

About the service

We offer a range of investigations and evidence-based treatments for couples affected by recurrent miscarriage. We accept referrals from couples who have had three pregnancy losses.

Investigations offered

  • Female thrombophilia screen (to understand your bodies normal clotting processes)
  • Gynaecological ultrasound scan for the female partner to check the shape of the womb cavity
  • Karyotype of products of conception in the event of another miscarriage, to check for a genetic problem.

Investigations can usually be arranged without women having to come to the clinic first.

If a cause is found, such as a thrombophilia, management options including blood-thinning medication in a future pregnancy can be discussed. If no cause is found, we can still offer support early in the next pregnancy with progesterone supplementation and early access to a scan for reassurance.

Your appointment

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