Discharge Information for Queen Elizabeth

You and your relatives or carer will have been actively involved in the planning of a date for you to be discharged from hospital.

Clear information will have been given to you about follow up arrangements and appointments.

If you need any medication on discharge, your named nurse or a member of the nursing team will check through them with you. Medication should also include any medication you brought in from home.

The hospital has a patient information line for any questions you may have about your medication after you go home. The phone number is on the card supplied with your discharge medicines. A member of the nursing team will ensure you ensure you have your belongings.

If you handed any of your valuables to the staff during your admission please make sure you receive your property before leaving the ward. You will be asked to sign a form confirming you have received back your valuables.

Before you leave the ward, we will give you a copy of your discharge summary for your records. We will also send a copy of this summary to your GP.

In the morning of your planned discharge day, we will take you to the Discharge Lounge, or another part of the ward, while you wait for your family/carers or transport to come and collect you. We will, of course, continue to look after you during this time.