Access to health and staff records

If you want to ask us for personal information, this will be dealt with under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

This would include information relating to health records, employment and training records – anything that is limited to you as a person whether as a patient, employee or contractor.

For all requests you will need to enclose proof of identity – a formal document or bill with your name and address on it, or your driving licence or passport.

Under the GDPR we have 30 calendar days to provide the information you ask for.

To apply for access to health or staff records, please complete the form below.

Application for access to health and staff records

If you have any questions about access to medical records, then please contact the medical records department on 020 3192 6114 (University Hospital Lewisham) or 020 8836 5539/5540 (Queen Elizabeth Hospital).

Update on Medical Records library at University Hospital Lewisham 

Access to our Medical Records library at University Hospital Lewisham is currently limited. If we identify that your Subject Access Request response will be delayed as we cannot access your records, we will inform you when we receive your application. Once we have access to the library area, we will get back to you to confirm that your request is being responded to.
If your records are held entirely at Queen Elizabeth Hospital your application will not be affected.
We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Resolution of disputes

If you are unhappy with any aspect of the way in which we deal with your request you may write to:

Deputy director of governance and patient experience
Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust
Lewisham High Street
SE13 6LH

Any review will be under the control and direction of a senior member of staff who had no involvement in the original decision or process.

If you remain dissatisfied at the conclusion of any review you may complain to the Information Commissioner whose address is:

Information Commissioner
Wycliffe House
Water Lane
SK95 5AF


Patient National Data Opt-Out

The national data opt-out is a service that allows you to opt out of your confidential patient information being used for research and planning.

You can view or change your national data opt-out choice at any time by using the online service at or by calling 0300 3035678.