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The Health, Exercise, Nutrition for the Really Young (HENRY) model adopts a unique and highly effective way of working with parents so that they can provide the best possible start in life for their babies and children.

The programme covers a wide range of subjects, from practical parenting skills, improving self-esteem and emotional wellbeing, and adopting healthier behaviours to goal setting, physical activity and active play, oral health and healthy eating. It is delivered in a series of two hourly sessions spread across eight weeks.

Evidence suggests that 97% of families who join a HENRY family programme are go on to lead a healthier lifestyle by the programme’s end. Independent academic evaluation has shown that families make long term lifestyle changes, and parents themselves often describe the support as ‘life changing’.

HENRY programmes have their sessions detailed online for self-referral.

  • Parenting confidence

  • Physical activity for little ones

  • What children and families eat

  • Family lifestyle habits

  • Enjoying life as a family

For more information about HENRY please visit their website:

HENRY programmes

HENRY Healthy Families: Growing up

This eight-week programme is a one-hour online group session for parents and carers of children from 5 to 12 years old. This course aims to help you to build healthy family habits:

  • Session 1 – What’s A Healthy Family?

  • Session 2 – A Healthy Balance

  • Session 3 – Understanding Children’s Behaviour

  • Session 4 – Being a Parent

  • Session 5 – Healthy Swaps

  • Session 6 – Family Mealtimes

  • Session 7 – Negotiating Family Agreements

  • Session 8 – Children Growing Older


HENRY 3-week standalone programme

  • This is an hour session currently delivered online.

  • Eat Well for Less

  • Looking After Ourselves

  • Understanding Children’s Behaviours

  • Fussy Eating - for children aged between 5-7 years old


Apply if you are: 

  • A parent or carer

  • early years and childcare staff

  • health and social care staff

  • children’s centre staff

  • foster carer

  • primary school or nursery staff

  • NHS staff

Health and Wellbeing Questionnaire

Our service is committed to the health and improvement of children by promoting a positive attitude towards good health and ensuring they have access to a dedicated response service.

We have a secure online link that you can use to complete the Health and Wellbeing Questionnaire (HWQ) for your reception child. The questionnaire is an opportunity to have your child’s health and development reviewed at the start of their school reception year, upon starting at a Lewisham school for the first time or for children and young people with new medical conditions.

How to complete the form

Once you have completed the questionnaire you can view and download your responses, see helpful health messages and discover links to further information and guidance. Someone from our team may contact you if we need additional information, or to offer you and your child health advice and support.

Data that you share with us about your child will be kept securely and confidentially and will not be shared with other agencies without your permission.

Please get in touch with the Lewisham School Health Screening Team at Waldron Health Centre at 020 3049 3415 or if you need any further help.