Refer a patient

child being assessed

We aim to make the referral process as easy as possible, so that your patients can be issued with appointments as quickly as possible.

As a result, GPs and other clinicians can refer in a number of different ways, including by email, fax and phone, as well as via the NHS Electronic Referral Service.

Where do you want to refer to?

Please keep in mind that by May 2018 all referrals for the first outpatient appointment must be made through the NHS Electronic Referral Service to enable patients to establish their appointments as efficiently as possible.

Electronic referral service

Electronic referral service

Appointments can be booked via the electronic referral service 24 hours a day.

Book online

Call 0345 60 88 88 8

Advice and guidance

By May 2018 all referrals for the first outpatient appointments must be made through the NHS Electronic Referral Service. GPs and clinicians can use the Electronic Referral Service to either Refer a Patient or to submit an Advice and Guidance’ request to a consultant before making a referral.