Innovations: This department is responsible for monitoring and facilitating compliance with the introduction of new clinical procedures, methods, techniques, therapies, medicines or equipment policy, locally referred to as Trust Innovations. An innovation is considered for anything totally new or new to the Trust or Clinician, and falls into one of these categories:

a. It is totally new - never been done/used before

b. It is a modification of an existing treatment or procedure

c. It has been established /used elsewhere but is new to the Trust

d. It has been established /used elsewhere but is new to the clinician

The department serves as the central hub for the registration of new innovations, collaborates with Innovation Leads to obtain ‘approval to commence’ from the Chief Medical Officer, and oversees the governance process through their life cycle till integrated into standard practice.

It is crucial that new Innovations undergo a thorough evaluation, audit outcomes. patient safety and regulatory compliance and approval by the appropriate Governance Boards.

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