Jackie's Story


Jackie started smoking when she was 16, and smoked heavily for 26 years. She decided to kick the habit after becoming ill with pneumonia and other lung infections.  Her will-power and group support helped her quit.

 “I started smoking when I was 16.  I had two good friends who used to smoke and I wanted to be big and cool like them!  I carried on for 26 years!  I was smoking like a trouper and realised that it was either the cigarettes or my health. 

"In 2011, I was sick with a blood clot on the lungs, pneumonia and chest infection.  After that, when I wanted a cigarette, my mum took them out and disposed of them.

"After a habit of more than 20 years, I used will-power to give up and then after three months, I was introduced to Matt Seal who got me involved in a Stop Smoking clinic.  Now, I would never dream of putting another cigarette in my mouth.  When I’m on the street and I see people smoking around me, I think their breath is horrible and it’s just so expensive. I used to smoke 10 a day.  It used to be the first thing I did in the morning and the last thing at night, but since I packed up, I have money to line my purse!  I’m so glad I’ve moved out of that lifestyle. 

I feel so much better, my hair doesn’t smell, or my clothes.  I used to smoke roll ups and my fingers changed colour.  Now, I look at other people and see the folly of it which I didn’t see when I was young.”