What to Expect

            QEH main entrance


We understand that visiting Trafalgar Clinic can be a daunting and sometimes a difficult experience. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible in our care, so we aim to ensure the clinic is a relaxed and friendly environment.

At Trafalgar Clinic, we have nurses and doctors of both sexes, so if you have a preference for male or female please tell reception and we will try to accommodate this. If you are hard of hearing or have other problems understanding or speaking English, let reception know when you arrive or when you book your appointment.

Follow Dave's journey to familiarise yourself with the process:


image 1


Dave's girlfriend has asked him to get a check up. He had heard you can just walk into the clinic and his mate told him not to pee for a couple of hours before he came.




image 2


The receptionist needed some details like address and mobile number - but told him that everything is confidential.




image 3


Dave read a mag and watched telly while waiting to be seen.






image 4


The nurse asked him a few questions about who he'd had sex with recently. This was to make sure that the right tests were done and it wasn't too embarassing.





image 5


He thought he'd found a lump on one of his testicles so a doctor checked it for him.






image 6


After giving a urine sample to be checked for infections, Dave did a blood test for HIV.






image 7


The nurse explained that the clinic contacts anyone who is found to have an infection within a few days, and checks his mobile number again. She tells him that the clinic will only speak to him, and not to worry that his results will be given to anyone else at home.




image 8


Dave hasn't been contacted so two weeks later knows he's got the all-clear!