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Voluntary Services team hit milestone


In December 2020 our Voluntary Services team launched patient belongings hubs at Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) and University Hospital Lewisham (UHL).

This is one of the initiatives started in response to feedback from patients following the first Covid wave and is one of the ways we’re keeping families connected during restricted visiting.

The hubs are staffed by colleagues and volunteers from our local communities. They provide a valuable link between inpatients and their loved ones and ensure they have access to essential items such as phones/tablets to contact home, medication, clothing and reading materials. 

The team are thrilled to report that they have now delivered more than 1,500 bags safely. They have also received some fantastic feedback from both families and volunteers.

Husband of a patient: “This is just a note to thank the staff running the Patient Belongings Hubs; the people are patient, understanding and very helpful. The way the items are delivered is first class (quick and accurate). Also in these Covid-19 times by providing this service you feel as if you are actually visiting the person, and they are aware you have visited, which is very reassuring to both.”

Volunteer, a student at Townley Grammar School: “Volunteering on the Belongings Hub at QEH has helped me in numerous different ways and I really enjoy it! Not only is it very satisfying, helping out in my local hospital, which I was born in, during the pandemic but it has also helped me become more productive as I feel that the routine helps me better prioritise my time outside of work. Volunteering has helped me develop my skills, working with people I don’t personally know, and taking the initiative to tackle different problems’’.

The belongings hubs are located just opposite Muffin Break at UHL (open 10am-2pm Monday-Friday) and next to the main reception desk at QEH (open 10am-4pm Monday-Friday and 10am-2pm on Saturday and Sunday).

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