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Fantastic volunteers celebrated

Shooters Hill students 2021

On 25 June, our Voluntary Services team visited Shooters Hill Sixth Form College to present Covid Awards to five of their students.

Level 3 Science and Business students Omowegbemwen Aigbe, Esther Eboiyehi, Maitree Rackash, Freda Donkor, and Samandar Salomov all volunteered with us during the height of the second Covid wave. They took on many important roles including managing our patient belongings hubs, delivering donated items to wards and supporting our staff in the vaccination clinics.

Gemma Kelly, Voluntary Services Coordinator said: “The students giving up their free time to volunteer with us while completing the final year of their studies, and contending with the pressures of remote schooling – shows fantastic dedication. We just wanted to thank them properly and let them know how important their contribution has been, especially at such a difficult time for the NHS .”

Nadia Brobbey, Deputy Director of Employability at the college added: “This has been an invaluable experience for our students. They have gained first-hand insight into the dynamic workings of a hospital, developed skills in communication and teamwork and prepared themselves for entering the world of work. I am extremely proud of them! Our collaboration has hopefully inspired a new generation of students to volunteer with Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust.”

The Voluntary Services team also received praise for working with students on a project to design a classroom space for students and visitors that was a Covid safe space. Students presented their final projects at the end of June and thanked Gemma for giving them her time and feedback on their presentations.

Shooters Hill students 2021

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