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February’s Employee of the Month

Congratulations to Rebekah Sales, General Manager for Care of Older Adults, Stroke, Palliative Care and Adult Community Services who has been chosen as our Employee of the Month for February. 

Julie Glyn-Jones, Divisional Director of Nursing and Governance explained why she nominated her: "Rebekah deserves this recognition for her commitment to patient care and experience. She organised small gifts for our elderly patients on the wards, sourced the gifts herself, wrapped them up, and delivered them to our patients. 

"It was a very thoughtful gesture, especially for those patients who do not receive visitors or gifts. Also, it demonstrated compassion and going the extra mile, which are attributes that can make us all feel proud to work at the Trust." 

Julie Glyn-Jones congratulated Rebekah and presented her with a certificate and a fruit basket donated by Hasan Er, who runs the fruit stall at Queen Elizabeth Hospital. 

Pictured below: Rebekah Sales General Manager for Care of Older Adults, Stroke, Palliative Care and Adult Community Services   Employee of the Month winner A surprised Rebekah said: "It feels great to be recognised for the Employee of the Month award. I would like to thank all my colleagues for their continued support."  

Maren Marshall, Facilities Manager, Vinci Facilities, who helped chair this month’s judging panel, commented: "Congratulations to Rebekah! Her nomination caught our attention because of her dedication, empathy, and compassion. She also goes above and beyond for patients at the Trust." 

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