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QEH midwives give amazing support

New mum Léa Rozencwajg has thanked our midwives at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birth Centre for the fantastic care and support she received for delivering her baby boy called Rio on 22 June. Léa had a natural water birth in the birth centre, with no complications and her husband by her side at the birth. Here is Lé​a’s birthing story:

​“My contractions started at 4am on Father’s Day and I laboured at home for the next 19 hours. It was draining but I felt supported throughout by my husband but also by the midwives at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birth Centre. I must have called them 10 times throughout the day, just hoping they would advise me to come in. Luckily, they knew better and told me to stay at home a while longer, always finding the right words to make me hold on a few hours more.

​"Once we arrived at the hospital, I was examined at triage and I was told I would get a room in the birth centre soon. This was the toughest part as I was alone (my husband wasn’t allowed in with me at this point) and I was just so exhausted. Around two hours later, my husband and I were taken to our room which was absolutely perfect; it was homely and a lot more spacious then I imagined. Our midwife Emma filled the pool immediately and our beautiful son was with us 10 minutes later. Having my husband with me at the birth made all the difference. It was very emotional seeing him hold his son for the first time.

​"All the midwives were absolutely amazing, guiding me with such supportive language throughout, which I was so grateful for. I feared my husband would be asked to leave soon after, but around 10am we were told that after a few checks on the baby, we would all be free to go home. We left feeling positive and absolutely delighted at the experience we just had.

​"Thank you Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birth Centre. Honestly I have no words to describe how grateful we are for the positive experience and support. All the staff were kind and helpful and made me and my husband feel really special. I would without a doubt recommend the Birth Centre; the care was exceptional.”


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