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Overnight toiletry bags

The Bridge community centre in Greenwich has donated 20 overnight toiletry bags for parents of children admitted to Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH). The bags will be offered to parents of children unexpectedly admitted to Safari Ward and the Children’s Emergency Department who have come without any essential items.

The general manager of The Bridge Lucie Murphy had the idea for the toiletry bags when her daughter was taken to Emergency Department, QEH and had to stay on Safari Ward.

Lucie Murphy said: “Being in hospital with a sick child, is a desperately worrying time; especially if you've come through Emergency Department or your child has a life changing or life limiting condition. At The Bridge we want the parents and carers to know that someone knows how they feel and is looking after them too. Being able to wash your face or clean your teeth without having to stray far from your child's bedside can't be underestimated. NHS staff are so hard working and caring. We want to take the pressure off them and just give a little something to help out at a difficult time.”

The Bridge are working with local businesses to donate 20 toiletry bags every month to Queen Elizabeth Hospital. The bags contain a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, face wash, shampoo, combs and moisturiser samples. The DoubleTree Hilton, Greenwich will provide toothbrushes, toothpastes, soap and the reusable bags will be supplied by The Bridge.

Carol Sullivan Wallace, Play Specialist at QEH said: “I cannot thank Lucie and The Bridge enough for their continued support to us. This kind gesture of a toiletry bag will make such a difference to our families and carers at a difficult time. It shows them that we are thinking of them too.”

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