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Our NHS Staff Survey results for 2022

Our NHS Staff Survey 2022 results were released today, and for the third year running we are above average on the response rate – 47% of our colleagues shared their views, well over 3,000 people. We’re very happy that so many of our colleagues feel supported to use their voice and help us make those crucial improvements for the communities we serve.

We’re delighted to report some brilliant positives from our results that show how our focus on making the Trust a great place to work is paying off. Here are some of the headline results:

  • We are above or at average on eight out of the nine NHS People Promise areas
  • We are above average nationally in terms of colleagues recommending us as a place to work
  • We have made tremendous progress on bullying, harassment and abuse, with a lower percentage experiencing this from colleagues, managers and the public
  • Our staff feel more than ever that we provide equal opportunities for career progression or promotion – including our colleagues with a disability and those from Black, Asian or other ethnic minority backgrounds
  • More colleagues than ever state that “we support a healthy work-life balance”

…and much more. You can find all the results for our Trust and for trusts around the country on the NHS Staff Survey website.

While we’re not exactly where we want to be regarding that ninth promise, ‘We are compassionate and inclusive’, we're pleased to say that we’ve improved on that score compared to last year as well – the results reflect a growing Freedom to Speak Up and learning culture, and that we care about and act on the concerns of our colleagues. Our indicators on racial and disability equality have risen, another crucial positive.

We know there is still work to do to make the Trust even more supportive, effective and inclusive, for example, continuing our anti-violence and aggression work and improving the experience of our doctors, women's health specialists and Estates teams in particular.

Over the coming months, we’ll be engaging with colleagues across the Trust to see how we can make further changes to raise our game even higher and to support them all even more.

If you have any questions about our Staff Survey results, you can contact lg.communications@nhs.net.

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