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Our latest Employee of the Month

Congratulations to Martine Rooney, Critical Care Matron at University Hospital Lewisham (UHL) who has been chosen as our Employee of the Month for March 2021. 

Martine received three separate inspirational nominations from her colleagues. Their comments included: “Martine’s support has carried us through this pandemic in Critical Care. She inspired us to pull together and led us through a difficult time. She worked tirelessly putting in extra hours as needed.” 

“Everything that Martine has done during the pandemic has been for the wellbeing of her staff and the safety of her patients. She has been an inspiration as a leader and the greatest of support to her staff.”   

“She runs a fantastic unit, is approachable and doesn't look for any recognition. With her help we have been able to provide care to more patients than we have before, under extreme circumstances. ” 

“During extremely stressful times she always made staff feel appreciated and helped those who at times struggled. She is a true leader and deserves a medal.”   

A surprised Martine said: “I am very humbled by this award, and feel it should go to the Critical Care Team who put in a colossal effort and worked courageously during the pandemic. The extra shifts, dedication and camaraderie displayed during those challenging months was something to be admired, and for them and the Trust to be proud of. They were outstanding, simply the best of the best and I am forever in their debt.” 

James Wagg, General Manager ISS Facilities, who chaired this month’s judging panel commented:  “Martine’s three nominations all clearly expressed what a fantastic Matron she is, who has not only provided incredible care to patients, but also given huge support to her colleagues.” 

Sam Abdul, Heading of Nursing, Surgery at UHL, congratulated and presented Martine with a certificate from the Trust alongside a fruit basket, generously donated by Hasan, who runs the fruit stall at Queen Elizabeth Hospital.  

Congratulations to all our finalists for Employee of the Month for March. You have all clearly made a difference to the lives of our patients and colleagues through your hard work and dedication. The finalist’s names are listed below:  

  • Michael Hopper, Purchasing Officer  
  • Gail Bateman, Purchasing Officer   
  • Rachel Kibblewhite, Physiotherapist 
  • Jenny Oliver, Admin Officer 
  • Sharon Mayes, District Nursing Sister 
  • Andrea Graham, Paediatric Cystic Fibrosis Nurse Specialist 
  • Sarah Smith, Midwife 
  • Evelyn Williams, Staff Nurse 
  • Lisa Hart, Ward Clerk 
  • Endoscopy Booking Team 
  • Toby Thomson, Equipment Librarian 
  • Iuliana Cozar, Staff Nurse 
  • Subash Sherchan, Specialist Biomedical Scientist 
  • Bernadette Henry, Anaesthetic Nurse 
  • Yumiko Ohashi, Manager Critical Care Unit  
  • Yvonne Alger, Respiratory Therapy Practitioner 
  • Cherry Ward Team 
  • Jamie Townsend, Sister, Ward 2  
  • Doreen Ayebale, Healthcare Assistant Ward 19  
  • Jana Fliurta, Senior Staff Nurse, Emergency Department   
  • Ward 18 Team 
  • Tosin Kelani, Senior Biomedical Scientist  
  • Joseph Marquez, Healthcare Assistant  
  • Yaana Rijmenams, Healthcare Assistant  
  • Samia Pilgrim, Clinical Trials Practitioner 
  • Harni Muharami, Staff Nurse, Emergency Department   
  • Bridget Askew, Bed Manager  

Our Employee of the Month scheme runs throughout the year to celebrate the great work of our dedicated staff. All nominations are also put forward to be considered for our Annual Staff Awards.

Martine Rooney employee of the month winner

Martine Rooney, Critical Care Matron at University Hospital Lewisham with Sam Abdul, Heading of Nursing, Surgery at University Hospital Lewisham 

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