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New 3D mammography system at University Hospital Lewisham

Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust has invested in a new state-of-the-art digital mammography system, based in the Radiology Department at University Hospital Lewisham (UHL). 

The new equipment, known as the ‘Hologic 3Dimensions™ Mammography System’, uses the latest digital technology to provide X-ray images of the breast in a matter of seconds.

It has the latest software to produce detailed 3D images of the breast, allowing staff to detect a range of breast abnormalities that the old equipment was unable to detect. It also reduces the number of failed breast biopsies as the location of the abnormality can be more accurately targeted.

The upgraded equipment means that all the relevant examinations can be performed at our hospitals at the same time as the patient attends for their outpatient appointment, which reduces unnecessary extra return visits for the patient or trips to other local hospitals.

It is also faster, and compresses the breasts for less time, making it a more comfortable experience for the patient, particularly for those with dense breasts. This means that more patients can be examined each day. They will also be exposed to less ionising radiation during their breast examination, which is safer.

All of these changes support an efficient mammography service, allowing patients with suspected breast cancer to be diagnosed and treated more quickly.

Dr Elizabeth Aitken, Medical Director, was joined by colleagues Ionna ArnoldSenior Radiographer (mammographer), Martin Baghurst, Head of Radiology, and Dr Fatima Shah, Clinical Director, Radiology (pictured right to left) to cut the ribbon last week, revealing the new equipment.

colleagues cutting the ribbon

Martin Baghurst, Head of Radiology said: “I’m so pleased we’ve been able to invest in this impressive top-of-the-range technology which will make a huge difference to both our staff and patients, as well as improving the overall efficiency of the breast imaging service.

“The new equipment gives patients with suspected cancer their diagnosis much sooner, which also means we can treat them more quickly. This is an exciting time to be working in Radiology at the Trust.” 

Our Trust has seen a recent increase in demand for imaging services, and this upgrade is one of a number of radiology transformation projects taking place across UHL and Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH). New equipment worth £3 million has already been purchased and a further £5 million is planned to be invested over the next 12 months. The improvements will include replacing the X-ray machine in UHL Emergency Department in January 2022 and the replacement and upgrade of CT and MRI scanners at both hospitals.

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