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LGT Stars of the Month June

We are delighted to announce the Bereavement Teams at Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) and University Hospital Lewisham (UHL) are our LGT Stars of the Month for June 2024.

The Specialist Bereavement Midwives Liz Ware, Karen Njuguna, Abi Weller, and Celine Walters provide practical and emotional support to parents in the days and weeks following a pregnancy loss.

The team was nominated for the ‘All Stars Team Award’, and here is why: “Losing a baby is an unimaginably devastating experience for any family. As midwives, we are genuinely privileged to be part of the most joyful moments in a family's life. However, this joy is not universal; sometimes, we encounter the profound sorrow of babies born sleeping. The impact of such loss is profound and touches everyone involved.

"Our bereavement midwives at LGT specialise in supporting families through these heart-wrenching times. They provide compassionate care, guidance, and advocacy for mothers, birthing individuals, their families, and the wider maternity team. They stand as pillars of support, ensuring that the emotional and practical needs of those affected by loss are met with utmost sensitivity and professionalism.

"They work tirelessly to ensure that women and families facing such tragic circumstances receive the highest standard of care. This care extends beyond the immediate family to include the support and preparation of maternity colleagues, ensuring they are equipped to provide compassionate care even in the absence of the bereavement team.

"Our midwives are often the 'unsung heroes' of the maternity ward, providing essential yet frequently unrecognised support during the most challenging times. Their efforts go beyond the call of duty, ensuring that every family is treated with dignity and respect regardless of the outcome.

"The team have recently initiated a dedicated support group for mothers and birthing individuals who have experienced the loss of a baby. This group aims to foster a safe and nurturing environment where participants can freely express their thoughts and feelings, share their experiences, and support one another.

"The support group convenes monthly and is specifically designed for those who have given birth at LGT. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the group's role as a vital lifeline for those grieving.

"Establishing this support group reflects a significant step towards providing comprehensive care for bereaved mothers and birthing people. By compassionately addressing their emotional and psychological needs, bereavement midwives are helping to create a supportive community where healing can begin.

"It is truly remarkable to see this resource available to women and birthing people during one of the most devastating times of their lives. The bereavement midwives deserve special recognition for their exceptional work creating and facilitating this group.

"They bring light to the darkest moments, offering care and support that is both professional and profoundly human. The dedication and compassion of Liz, Karen, Abi, and Celine are a testament to the strength and sensitivity required to support families through the unimaginable pain of losing a baby.”

Celine Walters, Specialist Bereavement Midwife at UHL, explained: “It is an honour to have been nominated for LGT Star of the Month, and winning is a really humbling experience for our team. It is a real joy to be recognised for the work that we do, and we consider ourselves very privileged to not only support women and families during the most painful times of their lives, but also to work alongside such a fantastic Maternity team at LGT.”


Liz Ware, Specialist Bereavement Midwife at QEH, said: 'If love would have kept you alive, you would live forever'. Women/birthing people love their babies so much and the loss they experience is beyond measure.

"At our support group they share their experiences of loss. They get invited, regardless of their gestation, to come together in a safe place and talk about their baby, the hopes and dreams that have shattered before them, and take comfort from those who best understand them'.

"The role of the bereavement midwife can be difficult, people fear death, and the death of a baby brings such sadness and grief to these families. Although their grief is not our life, every midwife feels affected by the sadness this brings to the delivery suite.

"We respect our families and care for them in the way we should, but we also go the extra mile to try and make the immensely sad situation a little easier. Every midwife caring for them gives her heart and soul in that moment.”


Kieron Hudson, Account Manager, ISS Facilities who chaired this month’s judging panel commented: “We believe the Midwifery Bereavement Team deserves this award; we were touched by their work and the professionalism and compassion they shown to patients their families and colleagues. We should all be proud of the Bereavement Midwives at LGT. Recognising and celebrating their contributions is essential, ensuring that their invaluable work does not go unnoticed, which is sometimes done during difficult times.”

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