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LGT featured on CNN for use of technology in healthcare

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A programme on global news network CNN has featured Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust leading the way in offering video consultations for cardiology patients – enabling them to get the specialist advice they need without the hassle of travelling to hospital.  

You can see the interview with own consultant cardiologist, Dr Zeeshan Khawaja, on the CNN website.

Dr Zeeshan said: “We believe we are the first NHS Trust in the country to offer video consultations for specialist care. This is a fantastic service for patients who have been discharged from our A&E, and referred for a follow-up cardiac appointment. Video appointments enable us as specialist healthcare professionals to engage rapidly with these patients to ensure that they get the care they need in a timely manner.”

The new consultation service uses an app called Q doctor, and is receiving a good uptake and very positive feedback from patients. 

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