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Exercise bikes donated to ICU aid faster recovery

Two specialised exercise bikes worth £10,000 have been donated to our Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) by the League of Friends QEH. The bikes will help critically ill patients to recover faster in hospital, as early rehabilitation can help shorten the length of time patients spend in intensive care.
Amy Collins, sister for ICU at QEH explains: “We cannot thank the League of Friends QEH enough for this generous donation. These exercise bikes will make a significant difference to the lives of our patients.
"Patients in critical care often develop muscle weakness. Using these bikes at an early stage definitely helps to preserve ICU patients’ muscle mass and also helps them to keep moving. It will also enable us to conduct our own research study which will help shape future care at the Trust.”
League of Friends QEH use their funds to improve the patient experience at Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Diane Hudson, League of Friends QEH said: "We’re happy to have been able to buy these impressive bikes and are delighted that it will make such a noticeable difference to patients. This is one of the biggest donations we have made.” 
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