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Employees of the Month for April

Congratulations to the Physician Associates at the Trust who has been chosen as our Employees of the Month for April. The Physician Associates work alongside our medical and surgical teams, helping to support patient care at Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) and University Hospital Lewisham (UHL).

Catherine Mathews, Consultant Rheumatologist and Director of Medical Education, explained why she nominated the teams: “The Physician Associates were legendary in supporting the medical wards during the strikes and they really came into their own. Their enthusiasm, professionalism and skills were absolutely invaluable in keeping our patients safe over some challenging few days.

“They provided the consultant body with organisational, psychological and emotional help and went above and beyond the call of duty in maintaining services for our patients.

“It is important to thank them for their contribution and competency, even though they may have felt anxious and vulnerable. They are a crucial part of the workforce and should get the recognition that they deserve.”

The teams were congratulated and presented with certificates and fruit baskets. Hasan Er, who runs the fruit stall at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, donated the fruit baskets.

Pictured below: The Physician Associates at Queen Elizabeth Hospital 


Pictured below: The Physician Associates at University Hospital Lewisham


Kiki Bourcha, Engagement Manager at Healthwatch Greenwich who helped chaired this month’s judging panel commented: “The Physician Associates' hard work has not gone unnoticed. Everyone is grateful for their commitment to the patients and the hospitals. Their dedication is beyond admirable, and their contributions were invaluable to the success of the healthcare team. Physician Associates showcased their teamwork and professionalism during this challenging time.”

Dr Jacqueline Simms, Consultant Physician in Geriatric and General Medicine who manages the Physician Associates at UHL said:  "A massive thank you to all our Physician' Associates at the Trust. Their dedication, tenacity and support must be commended - especially for stepping up to the challenge to support the wards and clinical teams during the strikes. They support our medical, elderly, surgical and emergency departments each day providing continuity and breadth of skills, practical and communication - to support patient care. So, thank you to them all."

Dr Elisaveta KrastevaConsultant in Geriatric and General Internal Medicine who manages the Physician Associates at QEH added:“A big congratulations to the Physician Associates for winning the 'Employee of the Month' award! Your dedication and service are really appreciated. Thank you for making such a valuable contribution to our team.”

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