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Employee of the Month for June

Congratulations to Erica Slolely, Healthcare Assistant on Cherry Ward at University Hospital Lewisham who has been chosen as our Employee of the Month for June. Cherry Ward is a cardiology ward that has an Assisted Ventilation Unit (AVU) to give patients specialist respiratory support.  

Monica Osei, Staff Nurse on Cherry Ward/AVU explained why she nominated her: “Erica is a dedicated, compassionate and proactive healthcare assistant who inspires good teamwork. She always provides encouragement and support to those who are having a hard time. I really think she is a nurse in disguise who works as a healthcare assistant.” 

“She supports our newly qualified nurses and goes above and beyond to ensure they are not burned out. For all the staff on our ward, she is the go-to person because she constantly makes time for us and is willing to listen. Her number one priority is the patient and her standards of care are superb.”  

“Erica is simply excellent at what she does; I believe she would be a wonderful lead to help out our recently hired healthcare assistants at the Trust.” 

Olaitan Shittu, Ward Manager, Cherry Ward/AVU, congratulated Erica and presented her with her certificate and a fruit basket. The fruit basket was generously donated by Hasan, who runs the fruit stall at Queen Elizabeth Hospital. 

Pictured below: Erica Slolely, Healthcare Assistant and Olaitan Shittu, Ward Manager, Cherry Ward/AVU 

Erica with her ward manager

A surprised Erica responded: “I am speechless and I feel honoured to have won the Employee of the Month award. I would like to thank all my colleagues for their continued support."  

Erica’s proud manager Olaitan said: “We are so pleased that Erica was chosen as June’s Employee of the Month. Erica is compassionate and constantly gives her all to everyone, whether they are patients, their families, or her colleagues. We really value her on Cherry Ward/AVU, and feel privileged to have her within our team.” 

Maren Marshall, Facilities Manager, Vinci Facilities, who chaired this month’s judging panel commented: “Erica comes across as the one person you would want on your team. She always goes above and beyond taking on work that is not necessarily of her grade and always shows willingness and support to help others.” 

Pictured below: Hasan Er with the Employee of the Month fruit baskets Hasan Er


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