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Employee of the Month for August

Congratulations to Dexter Fegarido, Charge Nurse in the Emergency Department at University Hospital Lewisham, who has been chosen as our Employee of the Month for August 2021.

His colleague Hannah Pantaleon, a Senior Staff Nurse in the Emergency Department explained why she nominated him: “Dexter is such an inspiration and very hardworking. Apart from being in charge of the entire ED nursing team at UHL when he is on shift, he ensures that his staff are always well-supported and treated with respect by everyone. He abides by the 'zero-tolerance for staff violence policy’ and it makes us feel safe.”

“He has also launched two great new projects. He has introduced a ‘shift feedback form’, on which all staff can now write down how they think the shift went and gives us an opportunity to say what we think can be improved in the department. This has become the staff's voice to the management team.”

“The other project he launched is ensuring each week that all checklists in ED are completed. It may sound simple, but it has greatly impacted the performance of the department.”

“Dexter lives by our Trust values and always ensures the safety of all who work around him.”

A surprised Dexter said: "I am so overwhelmed that my effort was appreciated by my colleagues. I dedicate this award to every staff member in our Trust, but especially to my colleagues in the Emergency Department. I want to thank everyone for being so hardworking, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic which has created several changes to our services and policies. The effort of every staff member in our Emergency Department always remains focused on the safety of patients and is always our top priority.”

Paulette West, Facilities Manager, Vinci Facilities who helped chair this month's judging panel commented: "We selected Dexter as Employee of the Month based on his making a difference to his workplace environment. The working culture is a very important part of the team's attitude, morale and motivation. With Dexter standing by, supporting his team, they feel protected, and will go the extra mile for him. Congratulations for being an empathetic leader who fully supports his team."

Carol Spanswick, Matron in the Emergency Dep‚Äčartment at UHL (pictured below) congratulated Dexter and presented him with a certificate from the Trust.

Carol with Dexter

Our Employee of the Month scheme runs throughout the year to celebrate the great work of our dedicated staff. All nominations are also put forward to be considered for our Annual Staff Awards.

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